Welcome to the Lauterbrunnen Zoo!

Switzerland's greatest collection of exotic animals from across the globe.

The Lauterbrunnen Zoo is home to creatures from every continent, and takes pride in our admiration and respect for the comfort of each one. There is no priority held higher than the safety and accomidation of our animals, they're treated like family, and we're sure you'll love them as such!

What you'll find here:

On our website we have 3 of our most popular animals listed for you to learn about and see some stunning pictures of. Our most popular animals include the Orangatan, crocodile, and the honey badger. We also have several other species from across each continent, for example:

North America- Bald Eagle ,South America- Iguana ,Africa- Lion ,Asia- Silverback Gorilla, Europe- Bison, Antarctica- Penguins

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing habitat for animals of all kinds while educating people on the beauty and unique nature of the natural world.

Contact Us:

Christian Collins (Resources)

Open 24 hours a day! (animals sleep though, just so you know!)