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5 Reasons To Use Dreamweaver 

 I believe having the right tool results in getting the job done better and quicker. However, no tool makes up for any lack of creativity or logical thinking. Dreamweaver does make it easier to build the web presence you envision.

 Dreamweaver is a professional level tool but can be used by anyone. If you are looking to build a career around web development, then I highly recommend this tool. Employers in this space, recognize this software tool and it adds credibility to your skill set.


Reason #1-Auto Complete, Spell Check, Syntax Checker  

 Dreamweaver’s code editor provides you with the ability to auto complete your code, spell check, and also makes sure your code syntax (the rules) are being followed. (read the blog post What is Coding and an explanation on syntax)This is leagues ahead of using a tool like Notepad or its more advanced brother, Notepadd++.

Adobe Dreamweaver Code Editor GetMeCoding

Reason #2- Lay It Out Visually      

 Dreamweaver provides a LIVE view that allows you to build out your webpage as you would lay out a design in Microsoft Publisher or even Microsoft Word. This visual approach gets you building very fast. Essentially, you see the page in the editor just as you would see it in a web browser.

As you lay out your design, Dreamweaver generates the underlying code. You can edit the code in the editor or view the code to learn what it took to create your layout.  

Reason #3- One Stop Shopping 

 As you build a website, you begin to create many files. All the files eventually go up to a web server. Dreamweaver’s ability to manage these files is excellent. It allows you easily create linking between the files and organize them.

 There is a built in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program which can connect to your web server and upload your files. It also supports SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). There is no need to rely on a separate FTP tool.

Reason #4- Starting Point

 Whether you are new to building for the web or a seasoned pro, we all can use a head start. Dreamweaver provides you with a number of starter template pages. Once you select one, you can modify any part of it. You can even take that file you modified and turn that into a starting point file.

 This is a key feature in working fast but creating a solid design.

Reason #5- Always improving and adding features

Adobe tools are always improving and advancing. As technologies for the web continue to evolve and we see new ones, Adobe works these into their tools. For example when Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) because a primary way to control the look of a page, Dreamweaver provided an excellent set of features to help you create CSS setting and files.

CSS is such an expansive technology, having a tool that helps you is very key! Whether you are new to web development, a student, or a professional they provide a plan that fits your needs. Being part of these plans allows you to keep Dreamweaver updated.