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  1. You will need 2 copies of every PS that you have done. Rename one to small (PS-Ducky.jpg to PS-Ducky-small.jpg) so you can tell the difference.
  2. Put the small version on your site/table. (250-300px?)
  3. Using the properties bar, make the image small enough to fit into the table.
  4. Optimize the image (CheckBox)
  5. Link the image to the fullsize so when it is clicked, the full aize image will open. 



Beiber August 17 2017

Learned how to extract an image from the background, put in a new background image and to put some text on the document.

Ducky August 2017

Learned ALT+Drag to make a new copy, how to use brightness and contrast and do some special text effects.

Donkey August 24 2017
Celebrity August 27 2017

Liquefy - Write what you learned here!




You and Celebrity

Banner1 Oct 12 2017


Banner 2 Oct 17 2017



Angove Destructive - Non-Destructing


Zombie Celebrity

Zombie Self  

You as a Zombie


Zombie Animation

Ghost Animation  


MP4 Movie Link Ghost Animation HERE


Zombie Animation  


MP4 Zombie Animation

Taxi Nov 21
Warhol Jan 11 2018


Revenant 1  


Revanant 2  
Star Wars 1  


Star Wars 2  
Star Wars 3
Hulk 1  




Hulk Animation  
Vanishing Point 03/01/18

Used PS to make a vanishing point and put some pictures in.

Click here to see my website I created in Picasa.


Click HERE to see my video I created in Picasa.
PS-Billboard 05/09/18