Name Date Learned
FW_Animal 3/5/18

Vector Shapes, Brush, Fill, Stroke, Padding, Export Wizard

FW_BlueHeaven 3/6/2018

Distort, Skew, Layering Images, Align Tools, Text Styles

FWB_Pastries 3/8/2018

Bevel/Emboss, Filters, Styles, Glow

FWB_Fishy 3/9/2018

Pen Tool, Textures, Gradients

FWC_AstroCat 3/13/2018

Noise, Feather Tool, Vector Editing

FWC_RoadTrip 3/14/2018

Oval Marquee, Rectangular Marquee, Feather Tool, Text Styling

FWD_SEAsia 3/20/2018

Burn Tool, Glow, Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, Rubber Stamp, Layer Mask & Gradient

FWD_Tea 3/20/2018

Layer Mask, Bitmap Mask, Text Mask, Twist & Fade, Picture Frame

FWD_Goats 3/21/2018

Review of FWD_SEAsia

FWD_PerCents 3/21/2018

Review of FWD_Tea

FWF_WinterWonder 3/22/2018

Layer Copying, Info Tab, Library Tab, States, Animation

FWF_BearPaw 3/22/2018

State time changes, Text Glow, Library Tab

FWF_SnowCruncher 3/22/2018

Tween Animation Tool, Cropping Images

FW_Superhero 3/26/2018

Motion Blur Tool, Picture Frame

FW_Superhero_Animation 3/27/18

Animate Selection, Frame-by-Frame Animation, Tweening Animation