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Welcome to my website

Use the links at the top of the website. I'm a student at Melbourne High School. I take Web Design with Angove. This is the 13th website that i have made this school year and i have to say it is going very successful. check all my pages, youll be suprised at what you find on the pages. i would recommend you to look at the photoshop page its the best one.





This website is perfect for a teenager to look at and view. It shows you everything that i have done over this school year. Thre different page gives you an inside of me. The site can inform you bout the applications that i used to create a website or even crop/photoshop an image.



The contact me page is a great way to get in touch with me about anything. if there is anything wrong with my site, or if there is something not working the right way, or just wanted to ask me a question you can just fill out the information to that page and I will try my best to get back to you and fix the problem.