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Lets get to know about me. My name is Luke Salter, I am currently enrolled at Melbourne High School and in 11th grade.

Before we go any futher...

Lets go to the beginning. I was born in Tampa Florida on October 22. My Dad (D.G) was born in Naples and my Mom (Heather) was born in Fortmeyers. I don't have a huge family but I am not an only child. I have an older sister named Livia, who actually just graduated from Mel High last year. I lived in Tampa for two years then moved to Alabama and lived there from 2-6. In 2010 we moved back to Florida, and I haved lived here ever since. While in Alabama we adopted my dog Cocoa who just turned 11. We don't know what she is, but we think she is a boxer, choclate lab mix.

Now back to the present!

I like to play video games, skate, draw and play gutair. Altough I am pretty medicore at most of my hobbies. I'm also a huge basketball fan, my favorite team is the Miami Heat. I watch football as well (Bucs fan), but im not into it as much. I will be turning 17 in October, and still don't know whats in my future. However, right now Im focused on enjoying my time left in high school.