Never before

has a zoo brought you so close to the wild. Only at Trumblak Zoo can you kayak through Africa or zip line through South America seeing the animal residents up-close and personal. Let a giraffe eat right from your palm, stroke a rhino, touch a baby gator or have colorful lories land on your arms.

The Trumblak Zoo

is home to more than 880 animals representing more than 182 species from Florida, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Explore each habitat by walking along shaded boardwalks surrounded by lush, unspoiled Florida flora. Paddle boat around the 22-acre restored wetlands or kayak around the approximately 10-acre Expedition Africa. Cool off in the Indian River Play Lagoon and take in the Zoo’s 20,000-gallon aquarium and touch tank in the Paws On play area for kids. Trumblak Zoo offers special events and activities to the public, year round, and offers a variety of educational programs for children ages 2 to 12 throughout the year.


Monday-Friday 6am-6pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm